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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Everyday fashion at an all time low...

I now have a fashion blog. This by no means proclaims I put on a fashion show everyday lol. When I go to school, most of the time I rush out the door, throwing on whatever I can find. This usually consists of sweats, sneakers, sandals, or whatever else I find. Sometimes I dress normally but....why waste my outfits on school?

Find out what I do dress up for and some of my fashion muses after the jump.

 I don't care what my small-minded-live-for-others-opinions peers think :-). Now, I will randomly dress up just to go to the store lol. Why? Really, just because. To simply put a smile on my face is enough for me. That's my motto; if it makes you happy, fuck the rest.

Even so, I do feel as if I need to step my game up, even if it is just school. Because at the end of the day, I don't even want to be in the sweats; I just wanted to get to school on time. Hmmmm, too bad finals are starting and this was my last semester! LMAO but I still have work attire to worry about. Let me tell you guys, it is a pain in di ASS trying to shop for work attire. Basically, think professional power woman and you'll get the idea. Trying to dress a thick, randomly proportioned, plus-sized female like myself is hard. Mainly, trying to find bottoms. 

Anyways, I've been slowly stepping out of my shell with the help of such muses as Contessa Stuto and Valissa Yoe who utilize their creativity to express themselves through their own unique personal styles. They model my motto :-). 


With that progression going on, I'm starting to utilize different styles and garments. For instance, turbans, maxi dresses, and layering. Never thought maxi dresses would look good on my shape. My friend who's a designer for Chi Chi J clothing line advised me to start investing in maxis a long time ago but I had to come around on my own accord. And being that just throwing on a maxi by itself just seems boring to me and too simple/basic, I've been utilizing some crop top shirts I have to throw over them. I must say, I am please with my selections :-). Oh, and the turbans? I've been meddling with. I really like how they look on me. I'm always down for something that makes me stand out or  doing something that most people wouldn't step out of their comfort zone and do.

I've also been meddling in my makeup case, FINALLY utilizing my products. I've mastered contouring (on the cheeks at least) and I'm working on finding a blush that actually shows up on my skin tone without looking clownish. 

As previously stated, this is a journey for me. I WILL make mistakes. All great style muses do. It comes with the territory. Whether you're willing to make those mistakes determines whether your personal sense of style will grow and flourish...or just die and wither away like an uncared for flower. Or if you're content with just being a basic bitch (even though you know you want to try new things SO badly but you don't because you're afraid of what people will say and if they'll accept you...), then hey, DO YOU. As long as you're happy, fuck the rest.
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