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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sightings in the City

Ok. Can we just talk about how AWESOME this outfit is that Rihanna pulled together??? I mean, at first glance, it looks so simple. My initial reaction was actually, "Ehh..." But as I scrolled down and saw how tight this fit was pulled together, I fell in LOVE. This outfit has such a subtle but strong effect it's ridiculous. Let's break down this look, shall we?! :-P

See who looked a damn mess after the jump.

First, you start off from the head with this swaggalicous, "Whatevs, I'm fly but I'm chillin" look that the snapback, shades, and sweater give off. How many times have I seen that; so through with it ::yawn::. Next, you start to go down and see the skinny jeans and think, "Hey, that's a nice contrast. A girly-boyish combo."  Then, the last piece hits you like BAM! This bitch DID IT! The heels are so classic and add just enough 'oomph' to remind you this is Riri we're talking about. Of course she was going to pull through in the end.

By the way, check out the bestie Melissa Forde (is that her real name btw....) in the back. She's one to look out for fashion wise too.

Shout outs to Rob Zangardi and Mariel Haenn for this one!

And this was Riri only leaving from rehearsal for SNL in NYC earlier last week. But yet, let's check out Emily B from Love and Hip Hop at an EVENT. No rehearsal. No on-the-low-getting-shit-done type of situation going on. Chick is really at an NY KNICKS EVENT this past week (5/3/12) looking like a summery spanish chick from uptown hyped bc she got her outfit for sale at the little club attire store on the corner thinking she's ridin around and GETTIN IT! LMFAOOO

 I'm sorry but Emily B is DEFINITELY a stylist. I've seen her look way better than this before. I EXPECT her too look way better than this even in a gym attire fit. What the fuck were you thinking Em?? This is so Dykeman/Spanish Harlem in the summer with some flats on a regular day. Even the makeup is fucked up. This is just a bad fit all together. But I feel for you Em. I can see you're struggling styling your silhouette ::trying to give her the benefit of the doubt...:: But just no...

...Thumbs up on the Giuseppe's though...  ::How'd Angela Yee get the Sky Blue ones though? Because they can't be the Cobalt Blues...:


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