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Thursday, August 8, 2013

I Am Not My Hair: Beyonce Commits to the Big Chop

Wooo!! Big tings a gwan inna di kingdom! 

Yes, I bust out in patois when I get excited. Only in forms of communication that involves text, of course, but I digress. 

This past week in the world of entertainment, we've seen Miss. Fenty change up her hair for the 50 millionth time like a true black girl. You know it's true. Even with our internal Riri-should-be-changing-up-her-hair-soon timers always ready to go off, we never fail to marvel at her new choice of hairstyle. Even so, this is typical Rihanna behavior; we expect it. That's what she does. This is what we turn to her for; to give us coif life. But we NEVER expect this from Beyonce. 

See more pics of Beyonce's big chop after the jump.

Sure, B might straighten her hair, add some long extensions for a ponytail, and....umm....make it more curly? But I think we can all agree when I say that these subtle changes are nothing too special. No? Oh, you must be a stan. I understand. 

Up until now, Beyonce's trademark has been her long, golden blonde hair. I'm surprised she hasn't coined a name for her mane by now because it definitely has it's own personality. Shit, I know mine does... Remember back at the '03 BET awards when Beyonce had to break down her "Crazy In Love" performance to the ground just so her mane could catch the wind from the misplaced fans? Her hair is gone with the wind fabulous, literally. 

The songstress' mane is such a recognizable trait of hers that she has been able to nab and hold down an endorsement deal with the cosmetic brand, L'oreal, for their hair products line, among other products, for an entire decade. That's TEN years, people! Miss B even had a lot of us going out purchasing ridiculously long lengths of weave to obtain the look she had in the "Single Ladies" video just so we could obnoxiously whip and pull our ponytails in the club. In this situation, it would be safe to say Mrs. Carter is her hair. Right...? 

NOPE! Not anymore! Time to let go of any standom attachments you may have had with King B's hair because that shit is GONE! This is definitely a new chapter for Beyonce, her fans, and admirers, at all levels. A breathe of fresh air. Possibly, a new B? How will this new do affect how she performs? How will her branding change? How will the direction of her videos change? Do I feel a whole new style coming on? Miss B just left us with so much wonder and want. Look at you living all LOUD and shit, Mrs. Carter.

I can't wait to see what kind of new level of bravado will  be accompanying Mrs. Carter's new mane...


Miz Kane
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