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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The New Mojito

Fashion has always been known for raising the bar and pushing the envelope. We all find ourselves at some point or another looking towards the runways for the newest and most innovative designs to inspire us. Or simply keep up entertained and amused. English designer, Julian Hake's new shoe design, the Mojito, does nothing less. 

See how to wear the Mojito after the jump.

The contorted and manipulated shoe is definitely not like your regular, every day heel. The Mojito  is more of a twisted piece of material that magically fits your foot while still supporting your weight enough to keep you balanced. In theory, that is.

I don't know guys, 
What do you think? Would you rock them? 

All i know is, I won't see anyone wear these shoes any time soon. That reason alone is enough to make me want them. So ugly, weird , and unique that they're a must have.

Miz Kane
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