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Friday, November 22, 2013

Bitch Don't Kill My Vibe: The Carrie Diaries Throws Out A Random Mind Fuck

There are certain shows I watch simply for a feeling of comfort; "Basketball Wives", "Love & Hip Hop", "Jersey Shore", "Sex & the City". I can, and definitely have, watch endless re-runs of these shows and not become bored of the redundancy of it all simply because these shows remind me of times of calmness and happiness. For example, how I'd watch BBW with my mom, how "Jersey Shore" reminds me of home because it literally is, and how watching "Sex & the City" for the first time while away at a college in extreme proximity to NYC contributed to my love for the city growing even deeper.

Naturally, my fandom for "Sex & the City" smoothly transferred to its' spin-off, "The Carrie Diaries". LOVED the first season. Watching young Carrie Bradshaw's journey to becoming the strong woman we already know she'll become is extremely relatable to the many viewers who are making that transition into the world.  Shit, it reaffirms for me that I'll still become the strong HBIC I've always envisioned myself to become despite all the bullshit I've encountered along the way that convinced me I must have veered off track otherwise.

Carrie's growth throughout the series is consistently inspiring; small-town girl taking NYC by storm, gaining major connects with a well-established publication, efficiently making herself a highly valuable asset at said publication, and so on and so forth. This is what we know Carrie for. This is why we watch. According to last week's episode, not no mo'!

Find out what kind of dumb fuck move Carrie made last week after the jump.

 On the last episode of "The Carrie Diaries", Carrie was given the chance to actually get an article published in Interview magazine. How many 17-year-olds do you know who get the chance to establish their career so early? Let's put things in perspective. How many college grads do you know who are struggling to get their career started? I can definitely name a lot. Fuck a few. This chick had one job. ONE! Not to mention, this was Carrie's opportunity to impress her boss, Larissa, who has done nothing but overly support her from jumpThe only hump Carrie had to get over was figuring out how to get the hot new playwright in town, Adam Weaver, to open up enough for her to get an exclusive. On the record. Basic journalist shit.

Guess what guys? She did it! Miss. Bradshaw was actually able to connect with Weaver enough for him to let down his guard and spill out his truth. The truth all the other major publications with experienced journalists were tripping over each other, bending over backwards, killing themselves to get, and couldn't. She got it. A freaking exclusive on her first try.

This is when shit started to wander into mind fuck territory. Due to the connection she created with Weaver, Carrie decides against sharing the guts he practically handed over to her on a golden dish. She actually gains the nerve to come out of her mouth to tell Larissa that after all the work she put in and the feat she has accomplished, she has decided to give up her opportunity to get her first published piece because she let her feelings get in the way. No, she's not even going to pretend to try to find a way to manipulate the situation to still get her piece published. Naturally, Larissa is bewildered by the news, cuts Carrie off,  and gives her a greatly deserved, "This-Unappreciative-Bitch" side-eye. To top it all off, the episode ends with Carrie walking hand-in-hand with Adam, almost convincingly looking content with her decision to practically throw out her career for this rando. Sickening.

This has to be a joke. A ploy in the plotline. Wait, ... this is real? No dream sequence? No Carrie voiceover yelling, "SIKE!" and showing what really happened? Did she really say, "Apparently drawing a line was going to cost me Interview, but, for the moment, I didn't care. Being with Weaver felt so right that whatever the consequences, it was worth it." and believe it? Is she expecting me to believe that and believe in her newfound set of demeaning morals, as well?! Get it together, Carrie! We don't have time for the bullshit!

 Carrie is a character that is suppose to be strong and inspiring for women, CONSISTENTLY. You mean to tell me she skipped out on the internship her father got her that got her into Manhattan in the first place for nothing? She worked this hard to make an impression at Interview and gave up her summer to work there for naught? For a dude??

While the information Adam shared with Carrie was off the record, she still could have figured out a way to utilize that situation to her greatest advantage. She could have coaxed him into opening up to the world for the benefit of his art. Utilize the art of inference by taking moments in his play to illustrate  and uncover the details of Adam's life.  With as much info as little miss Carrie obtained, as a journalist, she really should have been able to STILL write an amazing profile on Adam. No excuses.

I am not amused, Henry Alonso Myers. I hope this is some type of lesson in humanity being played out to prove even the strongest women fall. I definitely agree with such a notion, but Carrie better get back up even stronger. My enjoyment of this show hasn't been diminished due to this mind fuck of a message embedded in its's storyline but it's definitely at risk of it. Let's just say I will be watching the rest of this season with a keenly discerning eye. So much for comfort.

Miz Kane

Digital Spy
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