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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

RIP to a NY Legend: Ease DaMan

I've always been more attracted to the unorthodox. The weird. Crazy. Unique. Anything that stands out and make this world we live in more interesting. This is probably why I have such an affinity for NY being that it attracts and breeds those who fall into such categories.

While I pay attention to what's going on in the mainstream world, I rather have my ear pressed to the ground, giving more attention to the lesser known but probably more talented and interesting. This is how I came across the artist and NYC socialite, Ease DaMan. Aesthetically, he stood out at first glance; big hair, LOUD fashion, mixed with an aura of individuality. He just looked like he lived life for him, denying the voices of society that spew out all types of bullshit at us. I found this to be extremely refreshing.

I went on to do more research on him and realized his exterior really did match his persona. Nobody can deny how much of a character this man was. The first time I heard his voice, I thought it was a joke. He literally sounds like he could do voice overs for cartoon characters. Which makes him that much more interesting; a cartoon character that speaks his fucking mind.

Straight up and down, I didn't personally know this man. I've never had the pleasure of meeting him. Even still, he was inspiring. It sucks that there are people who can't look past his well-known drug use to see the positive in him, but I don't judge. I may not support drug use but it doesn't stop me from seeing who a person is at the end of the day. He pushed for people to live their lives, be themselves, and believe they can do more.  He lived his life as an example for others. Of course, you'd have to use your own discretions to recognize the more motivational components of his lifestyle.

Ease DaMan was one of those people who breathed fresh air into my life, inspired me, and, most importantly, pushed me to keep my dreams alive. I don't believe we comprehend the power we have as human beings to affect another person's life, even with the smallest actions. We can help influence others in a positive way, strangers to family, just by the way we live our lives.

At the same time, this is a wake up call for me because Ease DaMan was one of the many people I have on my "Interview Wishlist". Sorry I didn't get to have a sit down with you, sir. This shouldn't have been the reason why you ended up on my blog. Miz Kane needs to stop sleeping.

If you want to help Ease DaMan's family with their funeral costs, you can do so here.

Catch up with Ease DaMan's work and watch his infamous Karmaloop interview after the jump.

RIP, sir!

Miz Kane
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