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Thursday, July 31, 2014

The LOUD Review: Spooky Eyes Contact Lenses

I'm always down to do things a little bit different and spice things up from time to time. That's what living life LOUD is all about, right? So, you know when EtailPR contacted me to try out some Spooky Eyes contacts I jumped on the chance to review them! ...Did I fail to mention I've never successfully put in contacts before?

Check out how my experience was with Spooky Eyes after the jump!

Why does the package say 'Dream Eyes' when the brand is Spooky Eyes? No clue. Maybe that's their distributor.

Anyways, I received the Natural Shine Violet lenses. I was really nervous about trying out these lenses because I had no idea how I was going to get them in. I was definitely determined though. I was studying the directions to put in the lenses super hard. Although, it would have been extremely helpful if the instructions weren't printed on the inside of the box. I will admit, it took me about 20 minutes to get each lens in. While this was not my first time putting in contacts, this was definitely my first time getting them in successfully. Check me the eff out!

Can we say my eyes initially teared up like a mofo??? I got used to it though. I kept them in for a couple of hours. I even filmed an upcoming video with them in! *Hint, Hint* I honestly thought the hard part would be getting the lenses in. Wrong! I was having so much trouble getting them out to the point I had to Youtube 'How to remove contact lenses'. Alas, I finally got them out and it took less time to get them out than it did to put them in. I just slid them down until they started to bend and pulled them out.

Overall, I love the effect the lenses give to my eyes. It's definitely a nice, subtle change-up for me. The lenses don't look super-fake like a lot of costume contacts do. At the same time, duh, I don't have purple eyes. I'm glad my first successful experience with contacts was with Spooky Eyes!

**These Spooky Eyes lenses were sent to me to review on my blog. I was not paid to write this post. My opinion is my own.
**All Photo Credit goes to: Erika J. Gordon**

Miz Kane
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