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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Producer Chuck Olsen Loses Focus on, 'Blurred Ambitions'

Hailing from Nyack, NY producer Chuck Olsen recently released his album Blurred Ambitions. Exhibiting his beats, the project features multiple artists from vocalists to lyricists in an attempt to give depth to and complement Olsen's work. Being that the sound crafter is a student of the University of Delaware, I can definitely picture this project being created in the dorms; Olsen asking friends to jump on and just having fun with it. Admitting to the obvious flaws portrayed on the album, Olsen's college-centric work is rough, but shows some promise. 

While listening to Blurred Ambitions, I noticed a couple of noteworthy points: Olsen is great at combining the right beat with the right hook and vocalist, all the contributing artists on the album could benefit from utilizing some breathing techniques, and Olsen may want to be more protective over his work by being more selective about who he chooses to feature on his beats.

Overall, even though it holds some ok tracks, this particular piece isn't strong enough for me to listen to again.

Listen to Chuck Olsen's album Blurred Ambitions after the jump! 

Check out Chuck Olsen's album Blurred Ambitions here.

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