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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Fashiolista aka Pinterest for Fashion Addicts

While blog jumping today, I came across this new fashion site a blogger was using to organize her fave fashion fits/accessories/etc. The site is called Fashiolista and it is AMAZING. This site will eat up so much of your time and you wont even notice. Ok, that's a con. Even so, I love this site because it's like a digital lookbook! I've explored so many different pieces and styles on this site already and I JUST signed up today.

Learn how to define your personal style using Fashiolista after the jump.

Fashiolista allows your creative side to flow. Not really sure what your personal style is? Start 'lovin' it' up. In order to bookmark a garment, piece, or accessory, click on the heart  "I love it" button. As your collection of loves grows, just like any other lookbook, you'll start to notice different trends and themes that will start to stick out. Loving a lot of blazers, denim, and heels?  You probably have a conservative look and should look to muses like Kim Kardashian for fashion inspiration. Or maybe you're loving a lot of colors and stand out pieces? You probably have more of a trendy style and should look to Rihanna for some help.

I will definitely continue to use Fashiolista as a source of fashion inspiration. In fact, I'm feeling so inspired by this site that I could NOT help but come up with a fit from the garments featured on the site. It's simply inevitable. So here is my Fashiolista creation! Head over to Fashiolista and go create your own! Don't forget to follow me once you sign up!----> Audiofashion

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