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Sunday, May 6, 2012


Have holes in your clothes? WHO CARES! Rock this rising trend of perforated garments and accessories. The first item I must put on display are the new Jeffrey Campbell's for Urban Outfitter's Macrame Lita. I just came back from the casket because I DIED when I saw these. If I recall correctly, my exact reaction was an innocent fashion convulsion accompanied by an enthused, "NO BITCH!!!"

You understand now why I reacted as previously described, huh?? 

See how I matched these JC Lita's after the jump.

Today while I was blog jumping, I ran into this pink perforated Aldo's bag. Now you know these lita's were the first thing I thought of. They're the perfect match! ::Ok, take note--> I don't match based soley on colors. Pay attention to patterns, textures, styles, themes, and the feel of a garment people... For example: I FELT like matching these two pieces so I did :-) ::

I can see these pieces matched with a button up flowy white tailored shirt, black skinny jeans/leggings/liquid leggings, a gold necklace. Or sub the black bottoms for some dark wash jeans and a white tee :-)

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