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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Fall into the darkness!...Oh, I mean fall

Is it just me, or are the  color schemes for this fall turning kind of dark?  All I have to say about this shift from walking , talking neon brights to dark, underworld dwellers is it's about damn time! Don't get me wrong, you will still find a good share of bright items in my closet. After experiencing this past bright ass spring and summer, I'm damn sure ready for a change up in the color palette of fashion! 

Here are some trends I am loving for this fall:

Oxblood On My Lips

WTF is Oxblood?! Find out after the jump.

No, I didn't have to sacrifice any oxs to obtain my lip hue. Calmate, por favor. I simply sacrificed some pigments from my Makeup Forever Palette. I love the dark, cold, and a dash of evil feel I get from this look. Plus, it's a huge hit this season and I'm not just talking about on the face! If you haven't already, you'll soon see oxblood pants, nails, accessories, tops, purses, blah blah blah. By the end of this season, you'll be drenched in oxblood. Minus the whole sacrificial feel of course... Unless you're into that shit but you're on your own there.

Rebecca Black Me Down!

Now we know Jay and Kanye popularized the "all black everything" trend. Even so, the way I've been seeing some LOUD people on the street blacking out would put Janye (HA HA they're a couple now) to shame! Seriously, though. This trend has been turned up a notch on the edgy scale. An all black outfit is so basic; you would think there's only so much you can do with one color to work with. WRONG! Blacking out leaves such a subtle but powerful impression. There is so much you can do to really make yourself stand out in all black. Even in this upcoming dark fall... 

Wedges?? Yes, please!

For the longest time, I did not get wedges. I mean, I mentally did not get wedges. I thought they were more like mom shoes. You know, that busy mom pushing a carriage with a kid on each side walking to the pool so she threw on her "stylish" wedges? They've definitely grown on me over the years but this  year has definitely changed my view on wedges. I must say, I wanna be down! There are so many sexy versions of wedges out now, especially for this fall. Spiked, dark color ways, crazy prints, oh my! Sneaker and heelless wedges are a huge hit this Fall. Not to mention slightly dangerous... All in the name of fashion, right? I keep having to remind myself that...

Pop that Peplum!

This blossoming silhouette is definitely adding some oomph with a side of class to a lot of looks. I the past,  stick-up-the-ass-country-club-tea-drankin-wives came to mind when I thought of a peplum. Now the style comes in so many different varieties. Jackets, dresses, skirts; you name it.

Level:Dangerous Adornment

Madame Spike Pump                                                                                          New Spike Ring

I love me some spikes, studs, and anything else that looks dangerous.  I definitely will not be pulling a Missy at the VMA's though..No sirree bizzob. Won't be letting that shit happen to me. I love excessive adornment. Maybe it's because I'm from Jersey but oh the fuck well. Heavy adornment is not anything new but the sudden feeling that your clothes and accessories may double as weapons is. I mean, hey, I'm cool with that. I do have a vagina and I do like to party in NY. Sounds like a match made in heaven for me. 

 Fringe Binge

ASCII Leather Moto Jacket - Fringe

Damn. This fall is making me like a lot of trends I couldn't see myself in before. Fringe has always looked so ugly and extra to me. It's probably due in huge part to the fact that every time I think of fringe, I flashback to the pastel yellow, indian costume my mom made for me to wear in my school play back in elementary school (and  for Halloween of course. My mom is frugal as shit...). All I remember about that costume is it was fringed up and feeling like I had a dick between my legs because I had to wear pants. I don't know yo, I was a weird ass child and pants equaled masculinity to me. Plus, I was playing the male indian. Thanks Mrs. Decker! -____- Point is, I don't have good associations with fringe. This season is making me give fringe a double-take with how designers are incorporating it into their clothes. 

What are your favorite trends this Fall, lovers??

-Miz Kane-

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