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Monday, October 21, 2013

Banksy X Avonte Oquendo Collab: And You Said You're Looking For....?

While you were out searching for the next Banksy sighting, hoping to catch a first glimpse of his newest piece, there's actually something worth looking for out there; an autistic teenage boy. No bs. No cute shit. There's a straight up LOST, MUTE, autistic boy by the name of Avonte Oquendo wandering around NYC. But I'm sure you already knew this.

Check out the Banksy X Avonte piece after the jump.

The search for Avonte has been going on since October 4th, when the unsupervised young teen walked out of his Long Island City school. That's two weeks the teen has been missing. The reward has already increased from $50,000 to $70,000 with the search now expanding to New Jersey and Long Island. Subway renovations have come to a halt. Celebs have gotten involved in the search. Police have even reached out to psychics to generate leads in this case. Things are getting desperate.

Even so, one man who showed up at a Banksy piece sighting the other day had the right idea. Can we say  inadvertent  Avonte x Banksy collab created? The spectatator simply told the Banksy hypebeasts, "I hope there is as much effort to spot the next Banksy piece as there is to find Avonte." He proceeded to hand out fliers about Avonte's disappearance to the crowd. Some might recognize some finer levels to this and call it an unintentional performance art piece as to how it intertwines the reality of NYC with the aesthetic surreality of it. Others may just see it for what it is; a man trying to lend a hand to find a lost young boy who should not be lost. A member of the community taking up the slack for the school faculty who should have prevented this problem from occurring to begin with. Either way you see it, this young teen needs to be brought back home.

If you would like to help in the search to bring Avonte home, his family is looking for volunteers.

You can check out the Bring Avonte Home Facebook page for more information and updates.

Miz Kane

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