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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Have a Very Merry LOUD Christmas!

It's that time of the year again! It's that day we grew up thinking was magical and our personal journeys in adulthood have determined our current perception of it; Christmas! No matter what you've been through or how you view Christmas, take the time to take advantage of this holiday. Spend time with family. Help out at a soup kitchen. Give some kids at a children's hospital the Christmas you wish you had. Shit, learn how to cook...and share the food only with yourself. No one wants experimental food from a novice cook, especially on the holidays. Unless you're Chef Roble or something. I'd try his culinary experiments all day. Whatever you do decide to do, make it a LOUD holiday!

I've decided to take advantage of this time to reflect and look back at young Miz Kane's Christmas' of yesteryears.

Check out some incriminating holiday photos of Miz Kane after the jump.

Me looking extremely enthusiastic to take Christmas photos next to the tree.

The next year, I decided to put on my acting shoes and over-exaggerate my excitement for Christmas in  front of the camera.

Me looking like a thick ass chocolate snow leopard. Please excuse the naked barbie next to my feet wildin' for attention.

Another pic from my chunky monkey era. You can tell I was NOT feeling that dress. At all.

Preschool. By this point, my mom had already hipped me to the fact that Santa's too busy to make appearances so he gets his helpers to take his place. I did not trust those impostering mofoguls for a second.

I'm not sure if this pic was actually taken for Christmas but I look cute as fuck so Christmas pic it is!

OK, that's enough Christmas pictures of the young coolie for now. Until next time!


Miz Kane
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