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Monday, January 6, 2014

Jersey Heat: Bless McFly "Let It Bang" [AUDIO]

Bless, you really hit it with this one. Straight up and down, this song right here, "Let It Bang", is my shit. I can't build it up or break it down any other way. I came across this gem-of-a-song from Jersey artist, Bless McFly, the other day when a teaser video clip for said track popped up on my Facebook feed. Being that I had seen some BTS pics of the video shoot in the past, I figured I'd check out how the finished product was coming along. This. Clip. Was. Magnificent. 

Greatly edited just right, you can tell there was thought and effort put into the production of this video. The video looks like it will only amplify the song itself. I can't lie, I found myself nerding out replaying the 16-second clip over and over again. Damn shame. The only thought I could conceive at that point was, "I need this song, NOW."

Download Bless McFly's song, "Let It Bang" after the jump.

Please believe I made my way over to McFly's soundcloud ASAP. 

As of late, I've been paying a lot of attention to this whole "New New York" movement going on. While I support it, I can't help but wonder, what happened to the Jersey scene? Why aren't we on the radio like these bubbling-ass, independent rappers from New York?  I couldn't think of anything coming out of Jersey fucking with the new scene.Then, at last, "Let It Bang" finds it's way into my iPod and I can't help but think every time I listen to it, "This fucks with it." 

Not to knock any other Jersey artists but this shit sounds crispy. A lot of times when you listen to up-and-coming, independent artists, the quality of their work is raw. They rip and use basic, elemental beats instead of signature ones and the sound quality is not the greatest. Can't be mad at growth, progress, and persistence, though. You have to be able to look past the rough edges to be able to recognize greatness in the making.

Nonetheless, McFly's first single off his upcoming album, You Gone Remember Me, is on point. I can definitely hear this song being on the radio. Apparently, I'm not the only one who feels the same way...

"Let It Bang" is a well-written and composed track.  It sounds like a song, not just a beat with an artist rapping over it. McFly brings you into his world of indulgences,  gratefulness, and hard work with the intriguing imagery his lyrics create. McFly's confident flow subtley leads you through the song to the end every time. I hate when that happens! He will make five minutes go by with the quickness. You can't help but get hooked on the intoxicating, "So, it's just me and my niggggaaas" chant  and talk of spaceships in a motivational way. 

"Let It Bang" sounds just like what we, Jersey, needed. 

Salute, sir!

Miz Kane
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