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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

So Good You Have To Whisper: Raye 6 Releases Video for "Lifted Sand"

Dead relationships; we've all been there. While shameful to admit, we've all found ourselves wasting our time on someone we once thought highly of to only be left drained of our energy and essence. But what keeps us in these dead end situations? What leaves us struggling between staying or leaving? Artist, Raye 6 explores the answer in her new video for "Lifted Sand".

Check out Raye 6's new video for "Lifted Sand" after the jump

The Brookyln-based singer, Raye 6 recently filmed her new video for "Lifted Sand" while on tour in the UK with ILuvLive on location at the ruins of a beautifully deserted castle. The Baby J produced record (the same producer who has worked with the late Amy Winehouse and Estelle) has this enchanting effect that demands your attention, making you step out of your busy routine to momentarily take in Raye 6's world.

On top of the combination of visually haunting but still scenery and subtly, honest lyrics, the fact that the whole video was filmed on an iPhone 5S is really the icing on the mind-fuck cake. Yes, an iPhone.

Miz Kane
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