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Thursday, March 20, 2014

LOUD Radar: Kylie Jenner

Has anyone else been noticing that reality show royalty, Kylie Jenner has been killing it lately on a fashion tip? The youngest of the Kardash/Jenner clan's taste in style has grown from cute and trendy to grown but casually sexy. Donning less graphics, playing with more prints and solids, and experimenting with more silhouettes and cuts, the teen has me looking at her as possibly a new style muse. Not only that, but her new chop and dye job along with her precisely fierce eye makeup is not hurting her look at all. This budding stylista has definitely warranted herself a spot on my LOUD Radar. Check you the fuck out, Kylie! Check. You. The. Fuck. Out.

Check out more of Kylie's new look after the jump

Miz Kane
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