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Saturday, March 15, 2014

The Swatch Chronicles: Oranges and Nudes for Women of Color

It's hard out here for a BFC (Beauty Fashionista of Color). In the world of lipstick, one wrong hue chose and you can come out looking like a clown or just plain old ashy. I recently stopped by the MAC counter to swatch up some lipstick color selections I thought could compliment the varying tones of women of color.

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This time around, I focused on orange and nude hues. I've always felt like the color orange complimented brown skin so well. Just check out Hot 97's Brittany Sky serving up brown skin poppin' realness with orange accents.

As far as nudes go, I've never really cared too much for them because, well, they're not my nude. I always felt that if I tried nude tones, my lips would come out looking ashy. With that being said, I thought, "Why don't I experiment with utilizing a nude to match my skin tone?" And the search began.

Voila! Here are the names of the MAC lipsticks I found to compliment the tones of WOC (as depicted in the above pic):

Left column:
Lady Danger (The most realistic orange lippie for BFC's. An every day hue w/o compromising any sexiness)
Morange (When you REALLY want that orange POP)
Chili (A step down from Lady Danger in reference to vibrancy but still a great hue)
Touch (The REAL nude for WOC)
Freckletone (Didn't really like this one too much, simply noted because I swatched it)

Right column aka Experimental Central including (in no particular order):
Lady Danger

Miz Kane
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