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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

LOUD in the Pocket: St. John's Bay Plus Striped Cardigan

As of late, I've been finding a bunch of deals on items I wouldn't have purchased regularly priced. I'm talking about saving ~$100 on Proactiv +, paying $9.99 for some $50 sneaker wedges, getting 2 pairs of strappy heels for ~$30, and more! With all my savings success, I figured, "Why not share the deals I'm finding with my readers?" With that being said, I introduce to you my new LOUD in the Pocket series.

Find out how to get this super-chic, striped cardi on the cheap after the jump!

Now, let's get something straight. Just because one likes to save money does not mean one is cheap. Sometimes you have to be weary of items that are too cheap. Think bras, intimates, jackets, you know, items that will be staples in your wardrobe and need to last a good while. In my case, I don't like to spend too much money on things I don't really need but want. I use to be that girl who would purge-shop and spend wayyyyyy too much money on materialistic items that I ended up giving away or not using anyways. Nowadays, I like to make investments in myself. Basically, anything that betters me, my blog, or my career are things that I'll be more quick to purchase than a new bag. Because I know damn well I don't need a new bag...

At the same time, we have to know when to jump and when to step back. This St. John's Bay cardigan was definitely a jump! I came across this cardi while checking out Garner Style's FB page and I stopped in my tracks instantly. I'm obsessed with black and white and this throw-over was calling me. I checked out the item to see if the sizes and pricing was looking right and SHADAMN! It was already on sale for $24.99 (originally $44), it ran from 1x-3x, and came in four color ways (2 solids, 2 striped). I was set on sticking with the black and white striped cardigan, chose the 2x instead of the 1x just incase sizing was iffy, and made my way to checkout.

Tell me why shipping was ~$8???! Nooooooooo. Whyyyyy?????????? Have you ever noticed S&H is hardly ever that high on respectable items(leather/techy/over $100), but always high on random shit for NO reason? I was not about to have that. Please believe I chose that 'Ship to Store' option for only $2.95.

I almost forgot to mention, I always check for coupons before I start giving out that billing info. I'm trying to save as much mula as possible! After all, I know I'm just gonna donate this item when I'm done with it. That is, unless it ends up becoming a ride-or-die item that I rock out with until it becomes tattered and such. I ended up finding a coupon right on JCPenney. Use code: FUNDEAL for 15% off apparel, shoes, accessories, fine jewelry, and home items. This code can also be used for 10% off watches, shades, and more items! Get all the deets here! This code doesn't expire until 4/1/15!

So, let's do the math:

Original Price: $44
Mark Down: $24.99 (-$19.01 off)
Coupon markdown 15%: $21.24 (-$3.75 off)
S&H (Ship to Store): $2.95

I ended up spending less than the sale price!

Miz Kane
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