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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Luxury & Thigh Highs: The VienneMilano Way

Have you ever had the urge to pick up a pair of nice thigh high stockings? You know what I'm talking about. Just a nice pair of thigh highs to be utilized behind closed doors or just to make a fashion statement. I recently had one of those moments. It's been sitting on my WANTED LIST (aka wish list) for a couple of months now. All I wanted was a nice pair of black thigh highs with a lacey detail at the top. I never realized how much of a challenge it could be to pick up a good pair of thigh highs! I'm plus-sized so you know I had to look all over the place: online boutiques, Lane Bryant, you name it. Now, I'm not a frequent Lane Bryant customer (or one at all), but I decided to check them out because...why not? Seems like it would be the best bet for me, right? WRONG. All they had were grandma stockings and last time I checked, I had zero kids to even be in the running to be a g-ma. In result, I momentarily gave up.

Alas, the story doesn't stop there! I ended up finding the EXACT type of thigh highs I was looking for. I couldn't wait to pair them with the combat boots I didn't own just yet. Finally, right? Wrong again. I tried on the thigh highs and they just didn't fit right. Yes, they went past my knees, but they just didn't look right being that they didn't go up high enough on my thigh. Boo to the hoo.

Apparently this thigh high search is not just a personal problem. Vienne Cheung, founder of the luxury thigh high brand, VienneMilano, started up her business because she was having a similar problem. A traveling enthusiast, Cheung would have to handle all her thigh high needs while in Europe and Asia due to her "inability to find a wide variety of luxury hosiery in the USA".

Vienne Cheung

Check out my interview with Cheung after the jump and see what she had to say about her brand and the world of thigh highs

In a society where bare legs can be seen as indecent and simply "showing too much skin", why do you believe full coverage stockings flourish while thigh high stockings are a hard find in the US?
Before the launch of VienneMilano, thigh high stockings were hard to find because in the American society, thigh highs were associated with two things: 1. Costumer-wear and 2. Garter belts. However, the goal for VienneMilano is to re-introduce thigh highs as something that can be worn for every occasion. Our hosiery is made with premium silicone band that allows our stockings to stay up on women’s legs all day long without the use of garters.

What are the benefits of wearing thigh high stockings instead of full coverage stockings?
Thigh highs offer versatility and can be worn confidently as a more comfortable and sanitary replacement for full coverage stockings/pantyhose. Plus, unlike pantyhose, thigh highs will flatter your derriere as opposed to flatten it.

What kind of woman do you see wearing the VienneMilano brand?
The kind of woman who wears VienneMilano are the ones that have style and confidence and she wants to reveal it by being elegant, playful and sexy in every occasion.

Which style of thigh highs would you suggest for a woman who just wants a little boost of confidence and sexiness?
All thigh highs give women a little boost of confidence and sexiness! To elaborate, proper thigh highs should sit a few inches below your waist. In doing so a little bit of your leg is secretly uncovered. Premium thigh highs are made with high quality silicone band that allows the pair of stockings to stay up on your leg all day long. When you wear thigh highs, you are the only person who knows about the band, and the exposed part of your leg. You can chose to reveal that part of your leg to no one or someone special, and that’s what gives women a little boost of confidence and sexiness.

Being that it's already hard to find good quality thigh highs in the US, do you think you will offer plus sizes in the near future?
We recognize that the plus size market is a growing market. As such, this is an area that we plan on pursing in the future.

Here at Audio Fashion, we believe in living life LOUD (Love Oneself Until Death) which means living confidently while embracing ones flaws and not apologizing for who you are. How does the VienneMilano brand help women live life LOUD?

VienneMilano help women live a loud life by providing a large array of selection of colors for thigh highs (in fact we have the largest selection in the world!). In our latest collection, we added four vibrant colors: high risk red, teal, dazzling blue, and gold, all of which allow those who are LOUD and proud to show off their style.

Fortunately for me and courtesy of VienneMilano, I was sent over a sample of High Risk Red thigh highs. I know what you're wondering; "Did they fit?", "Did VienneMilano answer your prayers?", "Is the thigh high search over???".

Not too bad. DEFINITELY doesn't go up to my mid-thigh, which I would highly prefer. Maybe when they look into creating thigh-highs for the plus-sized lady they'll take this into consideration and make changes accordingly?

 And then it turns into this...

I will tell you that these thighhighs are SO comfy! I guess that's what happens when your thigh highs are made with the highest quality of materials all the way from Italy! Even though I don't like the fit as far as how high they go up and how the top fits on my thighs, I would wear these just around the house just to relax and feel a little sexy lol. Have I ever told you guys about my old roomie who use to sit around our dorm in lingerie because it made her feel comfy? #Ilearnfromthebest

By the way, the packaging is luxurious! I definitely appreciate the positive message the VienneMilano brand is sending to its' customers.

Check out what the VienneMilano brand has to offer here!

Miz Kane
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