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Thursday, August 21, 2014

LOUD Visions of the Week: Celebration of the Goddess

Feminine appreciation between females doesn't occur as frequently as it needs to. It's so easy to hate and be mad at the next female for having something we want, but why give up that energy? Females need to compliment and appreciate the next female more often and disregard their pride. Giving up a compliment doesn't make you vulnerable nor does it take anything from you or your character. If anything, it shows your confidence in yourself in that you're so content with who you are that you want to uplift the next female so they can share the same calm you've discovered.

This week's LOUD Visions celebrates the energy and form of a Goddess. No, you don't have to be gay to appreciate what the next women has and try to make them feel better for it. We all know what we go through as females so why not utilize our network of females that can relate to our struggles?

Celebrate confidence in women
Celebrate feminine curves
Celebrate feminine energy
Celebrate our limitless power that society tries to censor

Check out this week's LOUD Visions after the jump

Young Chaka Khan

Miz Kane
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