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Sunday, May 17, 2015

The Timeless Uncle Snoop

The story of how rapper Snoop Dogg has remained to be a Hip-Hop staple for over 20 years.

During a time when artists of old are struggling for a comeback, it seems like Hip-Hop legend Snoop Dogg never really left. The chronic endorsing artist, who first bust out onto the scene with his now classic album, Doggystyle, has consistently been creating hits over the years and ties to hold him over. This year alone, the rapper has found a way to incorporate himself into the hit Fox show, Empire, he just recently released his thirteenth studio album, BUSH, and on May 17th, the rapper will be featured on the Nickelodeon animated show, Sanjay And Craig as his fictional alter-ego, “Street Dogg”. Positioning himself as everybody’s favorite pseudo family member Uncle Snoop, the West Coast rapper gives off a feel of being that cool relative you can trust with all your not so wholesome excursions and confessions being that they’ve fucked up enough times themselves to not judge you for your stumblings. With all things considered, you still have to ask, “How can a former gangsta rapper sustain such a flourishing career long enough to be seen as a prime candidate to star in a kid-friendly show while still openly documenting his loud smoking habits on social media?” It’s that same transparent fluidity singer Rihanna has proven to have (Not many people could drop the number one family-oriented Pixar movie, Home and the ruthlessly demanding single, “Bitch Better Have My Money,” in the same week). Let’s take a look at how rapper Snoop Dogg remains timelessly relevant.

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1. He made up his own language
When Snoop first debuted his originally created language, primarily utilizing the -izzle word ending, it was in his video for “Snoop Dogg (What’s My Name Pt. 2).” Ever since then, the vernacular has been passed down through generations, and used, mainly in jest, as frequently as Pig Latin. Even late 90s babies are still exercising use of Snoop’s contribution to linguistics (See: Kylie Jenner’s Snapchat name, “kylizzlemynizzl”).

2. Stays up on technology trends
Keeping up with the ever-changing landscape of technology and social media is key for any brand to flourish and remain successful. Social media allows for a genuine connection with niche audiences so it’s important for artists to know how to maneuver them. Snoop’s comical Instagram page is a pure indicator that the rapper easily has his hand on the social media pulse. While many other celebrities can easily function in the same playing field, it’s important to point out there are tons of older individuals in his age bracket who are completely clueless to technological trends and wouldn’t even be able to begin to understand. Snoop, on the other hand, transitions from platform to platform with grace, not allowing time to be a factor in his career. Obviously.

3. Consistently releases music
Releasing thirteen studio albums is a huge feat that not many artists get to accomplish. For Snoop, it’s an achievement that, in turn, has garnered him relevancy. Consistently putting out catchy and successful hits, the rapper creates music many of us have grown with, indicating different periods of our lives. Keeping his content crisp to new listeners, the rapper works with hottest artists at the time of the release, but not in a desperate "trying to be hip" kind of way.

4. Mentors the new artists of today
From his protege Lil Bow Wow to innovatively jiggy A$AP Rocky, Snoop Dogg is contributes to the art of Hip-Hop by guiding the new heads to success. Whether he’s literally mentoring an artist or he openly supports them with a co-sign, Snoop is all about sharing his knowledge and using his position to help the new generation of rappers. In turn, the artist keeps himself relevant by linking himself with budding, on-the-rise artists.

5. Keeps his brand open
From making brownies with Martha Stewart to being pictured with Pitch Perfect 2’s Anna Kendrick, you never know where Snoop will be or what he’ll be doing. This mysterious edge works to the rapper’s advantage as it keeps fans guessing and surprised at his latest ventures. Who can honestly say they were expecting to see Snoop guest star on a Nickelodeon kid’s show? By keeping consumers on their toes, the legendary rapper keeps his brand fresh with his open mind to new collaborations and markets.

Be sure to catch Snoop Dogg build onto his timeless career as he guest stars on the Nickelodeon show, Sanjay And Craig this Sunday, May 17th at 7:30pm EST/PST.

Miz Kane
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