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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The LOUD Review: We R The Lost Are 'Still Lost' on Latest Project

Milwaukee collective We R The Lost speak to the confused and internally complicated side of human nature with their latest project, Still Lost. Fronted by an emcee by the name of John Briggz, We R The Lost are more of a lifestyle movement than a rap group. Appealing to a topic that we've all experienced at one point of out lives, the collective connects with their listening audience by supplying motivating and raw music as an aid to help those stuck in a rut get out of it.

See what I had to say about We R The Lost' project, Still Lost after the jump!

A 10-track effort, Still Lost explores flowing themes of love, politics, and figuring life out. With standout tracks weaved throughout the project, listeners are bound to replay a song or two. Invoking the spirit of those well-known Everest College commercials,"New Black" gives off a motivational get-up-off-your-ass feel. Transitioning into a more slowed down pace, "Gold" ushers in a spoken word vibe to the composition, while touching on influence in a relationship. Keeping up a versatile range of topics, hard love is the topic at hand on "Say The Word." A politically driven track, "The Times" gives Briggz and fellow We R The Lost artist Bili Ro$e a chance to utilize their voices to speak up against the current racial issues running rampant in America. With "You Made It" rounding out and completing the piece, the much appreciate peace out to listeners brings to light something you do not really hear from artists on their projects: a thank you and recognition of listeners taking the time out to listen to their work.

After listening to Still Lost repetitively, it's obvious to say this piece of work is an easy listen. The even mixture of conscious thoughts and mindless lines simultaneously create the perfect balance to attract those seeking real content and those trying not to feel. With so many artists in hip hop digging for success via following overused formulas, it's refreshing to see generic is not a word you can use to describe We R The Lost.

*Sponsored review. Opinions are my own.

Miz Kane
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