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Saturday, October 3, 2015

Singer Nick de la Hoyde Carves out His Own Corner of Music with 'Passion'

Maybe he's come across your popular page on Instagram. Maybe you've seen a song cover of his on YouTube. Maybe you simply saw his video playing during your last visit to Foot Locker. If you still have yet to cross paths with this talented artist' music, you're in for a pleasant surprise. Mashing up pop tunes with overlapping layers of rap lyrics, singer Nick de la Hoyde is serving up an addicting flavor of music all of his own.

Listen to Nick de la Hoyde's debut EP Passion after the jump!

The 20-year-old musician hailing from Sydney, Australia delivers chill, but light vibes on his debut EP Passion. As a singer, Hoyde is similar to that of a Justin Bieber or Nick Jonas, but the down-under artist throws in his own curveball: the fact that the pop aspect of his tracks flows into his rhymes seamlessly. Don't get it twisted; he's no Drake, Em, or Jay lyrically. Even so, Hoyde kills his specific cultivated landscape of music perfectly. Not to mention, you'll love hearing his Aussie accent peek through when he raps.

Listen to Nick de la Hoyde's debut EP Passion and watch his video "By My Side" below:

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Miz Kane
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