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Monday, July 23, 2012

Poetic Justice comeback?

Trends are a funny thing. For anyone who is familiar with the cycle of fashion, you know exactly what I mean. One second, there's this hot new trend that your fave celeb is wearing. At this point, everyone  jumps on the bandwagon just so they can say they were down. The next minute, the trend has become trashy, tacky, and all the other words you can find that conjure up a negative connotation in the fashion world. Why? Because the trend trickled down too low. 

Even so, there's this amazing thing that happens to trends time-to-time. Actually, a lot. Some socialite who doesnt give a fuck about what others say and is fearless in fashion decides to breath some air into some left-for-dead trend. Do you know what that's called people? A LOUD revival!

Recently, I've been seeing a LOUD revival occurring. Anyone remember Janet Jackson in "Poetic Justice"? Of course you do, what a dumb question. For those who are not familiar with the movie, Miss. Jackson (but I ain't nasty) wore these long, down-to-the-bottom-of-her-back, signature box braids through out the movie. This was back in '93... Considering the difference in time, you can understand why I am surprised to see this hairstyle making a comeback. Video vixen, Yaris Sanchez was gushing on instagram  about how badly she wanted to get them,  Saha Concierge socialite, Shanti is already tired of the do, and even Lashontae Heckard, from "The Game", sported them.  

Which highly successful singer has joined the LOUD revival of this trend??

Find out after the jump.

King B! Beyonce has been blowing up the blogs with her new found Poetic Justice do making appearances all over the place. Definitely not a look most would expect from the pop diva. Even so, we already know B isn't the first to bring the look back. Her own sister, Solange, was sporting the look before her. However, B is the first to bring it back on a large scale. AKA soon-to-be in high fashion, Vogue editorial large scale.

Personally, I'm on the fence with this hairstyle. OK, maybe just B's. Her braids are a little more Joi from "Friday" than "Poetic Justice" (see below if you need a "Friday" reference). Despite the ratchet connotation, the Poetic Justice braids are really beautiful and actually rather trendy. You can leave them out and let them flow or you can keep them up in a nice neat bun that lets you be stylish on-the-go.

My question to my lovely LOUD readers is, are you guys ready for a Poetic Justice LOUD revival? 
Would you sport the do?

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