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Monday, July 30, 2012

Good until the last drippy drop!

I admit it. I'm cheap as hell. While I know how to splurge and treat myself at times, I turn my face up at items that are just way too pricey for my budget. I get it from my momma. It has gotten to the point that my choice of cosmetics has been affected by my bargain-hunting ways.

Find out which new beauty product will help you save money on your makeup after the jump!

 I use to wear Bare Minerals. Loved how the powder formula made me feel like I wasn't wearing makeup *cough*in the beginning...*cough*. I HATED the fact that I had to pay $20 a month on foundation; $40 if I had to re-up on coverage powder, too! I got to the point where enough is enough. I made the switch over to drugstore brands. I know, how unglamorous, but oh the fuck well.

Through my drugstore cosmetics journey, I've delved back into using liquid foundations. When I get to the end of the bottle, my economical mind-state comes into play. I flip my foundation upside down over night so all of the liquid will come to the bottom. This only works a couple of times. After that, I'm shit out of luck. Doesn't it seem like the liquid is just clinging onto the walls of the container for dear life?? Even though it's clearly the end of the bottle, I can't come to bring myself to throw it out! I know there's still more in there I can use, dammit! What do I look like throwing out good foundation?? Especially if I know I can get one more face or two out of it.

The beauty Gods must have heard my cheap cry. While trolling around the internet, I ran into this new product called, Beauty Spoon. At first glance, I thought, "Why would I need a spoon for anything having to do with beauty? What is this for?" The idea that it could be used to scrape excess makeup out of a container ran across my mind but I wrote it off quickly as the cheapskate in me getting hyped. But no, it does exactly just that!

In theory, this is the perfect tool to satisfy that urge inside of you wanting to scrape out every last drop of that foundation bottle. Or any other cosmetics that stubbornly hold their last precious bits hostage for that matter. The question is, does it REALLY work? Welp, I know this is the part of the post where I'm suppose to tell you, "This product is amazing!" or "This product SUCKS!" The truth is, I've never encountered this product. Unfortunately, the Beauty Spoon is only available in select locations. Most of those locations being in Illinois. Sorry guys, I'm located in the NYC metro area. If the beauty Gods will it and let me come into grasp with this product, I'll definitely let you guys know if the spoon is everything it's cracked up to be. Until then, onto the next one!

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