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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Oily skin is a BEEEEEEEEPPPP!

Me and my skin are not the best of friends. At all. Nowhere near besties. This hormonal mofo likes to change up and create a battle field on my face of all places! How rude. I swear, 15 minutes after I wash my face it starts to get oily again. I'm talking excessively. I just can't win with this chick.

We've been at odds for years. There was a time when she calmed her ass down. Let's just say she found herself a lil boo called Proactiv. I'm guessing Proactiv left her for something better because she came back with a vengance and she had the nerve to take it out on ME!

As you would imagine, finding products to tame my skin is NOT the easiest thing. I've gone through countless amounts of products. Here are some that actually worked. Apparently they knew how to get on her good side..

Blotting Papers

I use these to remove any excess oil off my face. Temporary fix but it gets the job done!

Check out more products to help tackle oily skin after the jump!

Clinique Acne Solutions
I was referred by a Clinique worker, of course, to use this. I didn't think it was going to work but it definitely cleared my skin up for the time period I was using it for. It's pricey though. It's actually more than Proactiv. Even so, it lasts a LONG time. Well, the clarifying lotion mainly.

I used this product for a couple of years. Cleared my skin COMPLETELY! No marks. Hardly ever any zits. My skin was glowing. I ended up having a little hiatus between usage and when I started to use it again, I didn't see it working like it once did :-(

Bliss Moisturizer
I received a sample of this from Sephora as a gift with one of my purchases (It was a pretty good amount, too!). This moisturizer is so light weight. It keeps oily skin balanced with out feeling like it needs to panic and start producing oils like a mad woman. You don't have to use that much of it so it lasts forever. Plus, it smells AMAZING! Only downside to it is it's not worth the price. At All. They only give you a little more than the free sample I got and I was not about to pay $54 when I was able to get the majority of the container for free...

I hope you find AT LEAST one of these products to be helpful. I know it's hard my oily-skin having compadres but don't give up!  Which products work for you??
 Here's a tip I'll leave you with that has helped me to subdue the oily beast.

To get soft skin that makeup will apply smoothly to and slow down the oil production factory on your face: 
wash your face with a cleanser
  steam your face 
(just boil some water in a pot and put a towel over your head while over the pot for 5 minutes) 
apply a layer of apple cider vinegar 
apply a honey mask and let it sit a bit
wash face with a cleanser

Adios Lovers!

<3 Miz Kane

Live Life LOUD!

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