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Friday, September 6, 2013

The Day the Earth Stood Still: Meek Mill responds to Kendrick Lamar

Well, look at you, Terio. Getting inadvertent nods from Meek Mill while being featured on a soon to be infamous hip hop diss and shit.

It's the track we were all waiting for. A credible and relevant response from an artist Kendrick Lamar ACTUALLY called out on Big Sean's now infamous track, "Control". The supposed "bringing-hip-hop-to-where-it-use-to-be" track that has made waves in the hip hop world has only riled up and garnered the attention of irrelevant rappers enough to respond. Up until now, Kendrick's named comrades have either brushed off the rappers' attempt at calling them out or have remained in complete silence. I was starting to think we had a bunch of lazy, borderline pussy rappers running the game now. 

Check out Meek Mill's Kendrick diss after the jump.

Leave it to Philly rapper, Meek Mill, to step up and be the first rapper we actually cared about putting out a diss record coming for Kendrick's neck. Meek Mill gave us a quick warning of what was to come when he dropped his Cassidy diss earlier today in which he titled, "Kendrick You Next". He must have been utilizing the fellow Philly rapper as a warm up for him to slay Kendrick.

But if we're going to compare, Meek killed, slayed, slaughtered, put-in-work, put-em-in-the-dirt Cassidy. Meek's "Oooh Kill' em" diss, referencing the newest Vine celeb, 6-year-old Terio, must have been his way of  showing camaraderie and good sportsmanship towards his friend and now sparring buddy, Kendrick Lamar, because we all know Meek could have caught another casualty, easily. 

Listen to Meek's Kendrick diss below.

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