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Thursday, November 28, 2013

'Tropico': Lana Del Rey Calls On Shaun Ross For New Short Film

So, it looks like we'll be getting another short film from Lana Del Rey before this year comes to a close. Tropico, the title of her upcoming piece, is being directed by Anthony Mandler, who worked with Del Rey in the past for "Ride" and "National Anthem. Mandler is responsible for some very lucid and dark cinematography with Tropico being no exception. This time around, Miss. Del Rey has decided to call on model, Shaun Ross, to play opposite of her.  If the trailers and promo posters are any true indicator, the short film seems to have a lot of Adam & Eve/"Paradise Lost", youth driven, and malevolent-but-striving-for-the-light themes seen running through it. Tropico definitely looks like a mash up between "KIDS" and "City of God".

From the trailer, you can see that the gears have shifted away from Lana's usual image. Not by that much being that Del Rey gives a 1950's woman-behind-closed-doors feel. Even still, it's surprising to see Del Rey depicted as a stripper. This is why I love Miss. Del Rey; she gives us so much range and plays with so many elements flawlessly. The contrast and stretch in character from her regular disposition is always entertaining. Shaun Ross is really putting on his acting shoes, as well, as he comes off as this dominant, aggressive male in this piece. Much different from the regular, RTR (ready-to-read) version of him.

Check out the trailer and teasers for Tropico after the jump.

Tropico will have a soundtrack consisting of Del Rey's songs from her album, Born to Die-The Paradise Edition, "Gods & Monsters", "Body Electric", and "Bel Air".

Can't wait to see what kind of rabbit Del Rey will pull out of her hat this time around. Gotta wait until December 5 for this one.

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