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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

'L.O.R.D.': A$AP Mob Announces New Release Date for First Album

If you haven't noticed by now, I love me some ASVP Mob. Their presence and movement is like that of the Dipset days. Except a lot more chill and intentionally motivational. Just start at their namesake, ASAP, which is an acronym for Always Strive and Prosper. You can't get any more clearer about their positive intentions than that. What I like about them is that even though they push others to be themselves, believe in their dreams, and keep it movin', they don't follow any image of what society says motivational is suppose to look like. They don't act holier-than-thou or untouchable; they openly sin like the rest of us and embrace their short-comings. "Short nigga but my dick long" much? Non-stop sizzurp selfies on Insty? A$AP is a lot more relatable, tangible, and believable than how society would say they should be. This approach to life and the industry definitely works for them. Why? Because they remember that they're human.

L.O.R.D., the title of the new A$AP collective album, is due to release March 4th 2014.

Check out the first single off the L.O.R.D. album, "Trillmatic" featuring Method Man, after the jump.


Miz Kane


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