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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Jiggy Influence: ASAP Rocky and Chanel Iman Pose for Vogue September Issue

For anyone who follows the world of high fashion, you know the empirical importance of the September issue of Vogue. The content of the September issue serves as a fashion bible for the year, with editorials and articles carefully curated to lead, inspire and set the tone in fashion until the next September issue comes around. This particular issue holds so much weight in the fashion world that there's even a documentary dedicated to detailing it's production from inception. With all considering, it is a great deal that ASAP Rocky, a rapper that represents the streets and lifestyles of Harlem, was chosen to be featured in one of their game-changing editorials alongside his supermodel girlfriend, Chanel Iman to contribute to the landscaping of the high fashion world.
The power couple both known for their individual efforts and contributions to the fashion world joined forces to give some Dirty Dancing realness while effortlessly modeling (::COUGH:: selling the shit out of) their tango-esque,  designer garments with an air of sexual energy.
Check out the images from ASAP Rocky and Chanel Iman's Vogue editorial after the jump

(Images via TwitterComplexMiss Info)
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Miz Kane
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