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Friday, October 2, 2015

Nave Faces Reality of Ruined Childhood(s) With "Cosby Kids"

In a post-Cosby-allegations-confirmed world, it is now hard to hear the famous surname without cringing. With most of our feel-good childhood memories associated with the cult television show now tainted, rapper Nave found a way to turn ugly sweaters into lemonade with his song, "Cosby Kids."

Check out Nave's depressingly more-bitter-than-sweet nostalgic track after the jump!

While the actual track was written way before the malicious extra-curricular activities of everyone's former favorite TV dad came to light, the Philly artist creates his own portrayal of the events in his video for the song. With a number of disheveled and unconscious females spewed around a living room with a young Nave positioned in the center of it all, it's an interesting representation of the depressing realization  we've all had to come to: our happiness once associated with watching The Bill Cosby Show may never exist again. Along with help from spoken word artist Alyea Pierce, Nave strikingly drives his message home.

Check out Nave's video for "Cosby Kids" and listen to a preview of his upcoming album Espresso, releasing October 31st, below:

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Miz Kane
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