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Thursday, November 5, 2015

SO Get "Stoopid" "Freaky" "Supercharged" on 'Echo Park'

If Bootsy Collins, George Clinton, Rick James, and Outkast had a lovechild, SO would be it. Short for Standing Ovation, duo SO delivers a modern day punk-funk (p-funk?) mash up with hip hop elements on their latest project, Echo Park

Listen to SO's EP Echo Park after the jump!
Named after the location of musical conception, members Bronze Baby Shoes and The Character linked up to create an organically spiritual experience via their music. Previously named Nine:Fifteen, the reincarnated bicoastal duo dedicated five days to complete this project in its entirety. While the visuals may be lacking, this musical duo shows a lot of promise and gives a breath of fresh air to listeners. To give a better idea of what to expect sonically from SO, imagine Andre 3000 in a punk band. 

*Sponsored review. All opinions are my own

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