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Sunday, July 22, 2012

LOUD Terminology

Hey lovers! 

Have you ever had a moment when you KNOW you know the name of a certain type of garment  or you forgot the term for a certain fashion style?? I KNOWWW, that happens to me all the time. You feel stupid because you look like you don't know the most basic info that you DEFINITELY know. So, guess what?! I decided to make a page in dedication to such moments! I shall call it LOUD Terminology.

So, when you're having a brain fart (and you know you will...), feel free to come check this page out to save yourself from unnecessarily looking dumb over information you already know! Be sure  to check back time to time as I will continue to update the list! 

Don't see a fashionably LOUD word on the list that you believe should be?? Feel free to email at to let me know and I'll be sure to add it if I believe it belongs! 

LOUD Terminology

Live Life LOUD: Love Oneself Until Death. It's a way of life! How can you possibly be fashionable and express yourself if you don't have enough confidence to love yourself?! Being LOUD allows you the freedom you deserve to express yourself freely with out caring about the opinions of others. LOUDness keeps you from looking like a clothes hanger, and I'm not talking about your weight...

Color Blocking: Matching bold opposite colors to create a fashionable contrast --> AKA mixing colors that don't match AT ALL. If you want to keep it simple but still make a statement, try mixing a bold color with neutrals (black, white, beige). 

Check out more LOUD terms after the jump!

Ombre: When there is a color gradient from one color to the next. It can happen in shades of a particular color or from two completely separate colors. Used for nails, hair, garments, you name it!

Peplum: I like to think of this as an upside-down flower. You know those shirts that flare out only at the bottom? That's a peplum. They also come in dresses and skirts too.

Statement piece: You know those big ass, extravagant, gaudy jewelry pieces that you only see celebs and LOUD girls wear?? THAT'S a statement piece. Why should you wear them besides the fact that they're AMAZING and make you standout? Statement pieces help to liven up a simple, casual outfit or even give that oomph to business attire without being too much. Not to mention they can spark up an interesting conversation with a stranger. Hey, you never know who that stranger could be! They can't be too bad if they have good taste in fashion.

LOUD Revival: When an old popular trend comes back LOUDer than before.

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