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Monday, October 28, 2013

Miz Kane's LHHNY Season Four Predictions

In Love & Hip Hop tradition, we all know the premiere episode is going to have so many twists and turns that will leave you feening for the next episode. The element of surprise has always been a strong point of LHH. There are so many what if?'s and could be's to consider; it's almost like a ratchet ass puzzle.

Check out my top 5 Love & Hip Hop season four predictions after the jump!

Here are my top 5 predictions for this season:

1) Hot 97's Program Director, Ebro Darden, will make some appearances on the show. Once again. (Remember that Raqi X Jen the Pen radio show fail?) Especially now that his wannabe boo thang, K. Michelle, is on the show. (Even though he's trying to curve that notion.)
2) Video Vixen, Yaris Sanchez will join the cast. While it's still only a rumor, a lead is a lead! Miss. Sanchez already has strong ties to this season's cast members. From the lowest possibility of her being seen on the show hanging out with friend, Nya Lee, to her joining the cast due to her ex-boo status with Joe Budden, I have a good feeling we'll be seeing a good amount of Yaris this season. She may even be the female friend that Joe Budden "had over" in the supertrailer.

3) Erica Mena's new girlfriend, Cyn Santana, cheats on her with a man. I'm just going with the logic of karma on this one. Erica cheated on Rich Dollaz with a chick, her girlfriend will cheat on her with a dude. Even though, according to the trailer, Erica may just be creepin' on Cyn with Rich... Revenge, possibly? Messy!

4) Nya Lee will be the break out star of this season. Anyone who has been following Miss. Lee's journey knows that she has been on her grind. She has a great story and is a relatable character. Stripper or not, she's a positive role model for chicks trying to start their own business and create their own brand. Started in the strip club now we.. still in the strip club but with one foot out at least!

5) Tahiry and Joe Budden will get their own spin off. Regardless of their relationship problems and status, they were one of the first couples to start this whole documentation of relationships in hip hop thing. People are interested in their story because not only do they have entertaining and interesting personalities, at the end of the day, everybody is rooting for them to get back together. I understand them initially jumping on LHH to utilize it as a platform to introduce them to a greater audience, but I dont see them just sticking around season after season when they can pull in their own audiences (and have) by themselves. Capitalize on that!

I can't wait to see how everything will play out this season. 8PM can not come soon enough!

Which predictions do you think we'll see happen this season?

Miz Kane

Have a Seat
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