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Friday, December 13, 2013

Huh?!?: Beyoncé Drops New Album Out the Sky

What a PR stunt and early Christmas gift rolled into one!

Beyoncé decided to randomly drop her fifth album, Beyoncé, last night know, she's Beyoncé. This album is being labeled a "visual album" being that it includes 17 music videos to accompany the 14 tracks on the album. Very reminiscent of what Mrs. Carter did for her B'Day album except she decided to do it all in one shot sans the deluxe version.

Honestly, I have no more words. This album has made me gone full on retarded. So much info is still being unveiled about this album every minute. I can't. At all. Beyonce got me all fucked up. Just go and enjoy trying to take in and comprehend all this randomness that is Beyoncé.

Check out the visuals for "Mine" and "Yonce" after the jump.

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Look at Beyoncé being all mischievous and shit!

Miz Kane

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