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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Real World's Too Cold: NEW #LOUDartist Vanessa Elisha Drops EP

In a world where vulnerability is mistaken for weakness and hard exteriors are an emotional weapon of choice, it's refreshing to hear dope artists soulfully breakdown and sing their hearts out. One artist who fits the bill in particular is Australian R&B singer, Vanessa Elisha

With her use of dark and sultry beats paired with her soothing voice, Elisha will win you over by creating a trippy, romantic sound that's light but genuine. You can't help but zone out and reminisce about that old love that still lingers in your heart time-to-time while listening to her work. 

With a bubbling buzz (the chick is verified on Twitter!), the Aussie songstress is already on the radars of Bodega Bamz, ASAP Mob, and, even, DJ Pauly D. Don't be surprised if you hear Vanessa Elisha on a track with your favorite artist in the near future. 

Download Vanessa Elisha's EP, Don't Go, after the jump.

Miz Kane

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