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Sunday, February 7, 2016

The LOUD Review: Jelani Lateef - 'Cold Days and Dark Nights'

Lyricist Jelani Lateef wants you to take some time out and listen to his introspections on his latest mixtape, Cold Days and Dark Nights. Hailing from Chicago, Jelani is an artist that has transcended to the title of producer and even CEO by starting his own label, Manhood Entertainment. On the 13-track project, Jelani exhibits the various components of life by touching on infidelity, anxiety, fears, and more. Really diving in and sharing what seems to be personal experiences, this artist candidly lets you into his world. Opening up a bit more than the usual rapper, Jelani refreshingly feels more like a friend sharing his story as a lesson than an emcee with a new project out.

Listen to Jelani Lateef's mixtape, Cold Days and Dark Nights after the jump!

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