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Monday, March 28, 2016

The West Ghost Keeps Things Low-Key on Latest Project, 'Son Of Sorrow'

Mix a little bit of vigilance with a whole lot a bit of ambiguity and you've got the makeup of upcoming artist The West Ghost. Cloaking himself in a mask, the mysterious image accompanies the rapper's choice to claim zero roots in order to appeal to the masses regardless of personal details. In his own words, The West Ghost has chosen to, "...Represent no history, no race, and no background because such things are only flimsy excuses to let pride cloud justice and understanding." While we don't know much, what we do know of this mysterious artist is that he hails from the west coast, he's looking to marry substance with flow on his new EP Son of Sorrow, and he is definitely an artist to watch for.

Listen to The West Ghost's latest project Son of Sorrow after the jump!

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