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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Get it right, get it tight!

Herrroooo Rara.

I want to talk to you guys about a topic that can be very annoying to many but beneficial at the same time; fitness. You can't walk around thinking you're living life LOUD just by the clothes you wear! No, no, no. You gotta work from the inside out. Otherwise, you'll end up looking like a mannequin. Not those fierce looking ones either. I mean, I'm pretty sure we've all seen some people walk around in clothes we would wear ourselves but still think they didn't pull off the fit because they look like a boring corpse, right? Or they can't pull off the look because it doesn't compliment their silhouette? Exactly.

Check out some ways to keep your body tight after the jump!

I'll be the first to admit, I can be the worst procrastinator when it comes to working out. I will say though when I do workout, I go suppperrrrr hard. Ok, not every single time. Sometimes you gotta pull off the, "Something is better than nothing." And it is! Overall, I do actually like working out when I stop putting it off.

With that all being said, I thought I would compile a couple of videos that will help even the laziest person get up off their ass and get some amazing results.  
Don't worry,  all the vids I chose are not only do-able but can also be done at HOME. Can we say, no more spending money on a gym membership??? HELLO. Lol. Not to mention, you'll recognize some familiar faces and bodies one would die for.

So, go ahead, loves. Get your water bottles ready. Let me tell you, my body is hurting already! You wouldn't think you could feel such a burn from a simple youtube video workout. You'll learn first hand!

Thank me later lovers.
--♥ Miz Kane--

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