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Monday, April 15, 2013

Turn up time for Cassie: New Face of Forever 21 Summer Campaign

Bad Boy recording artist, Cassie, has been on a roll this week. This past Thursday, the songstress dropped her highly anticip---err, highly promoted mixtape, RockaByeBaby and recently released two new videos featuring rap artists, Wiz Khalifa and Rick Ross. On top of all the hype, Cassie has just been announced to be the new face of Forever 21's Summer '13 campaign. Check you the fuck out, Ms. Ventura!

Check out more pics of Cassie's Forever 21 campaign after the jump.

I understand Cassie has a background in modeling but.....this just isn't cutting it for me. Forever 21 gives off this young, free and girly feel. While Cassie is most definitely young and free, she's a lot more androgynous and edgy *cue a random side boob, pierced nip slip*. I don't really feel like this is a match made in yasssssssss heaven. Maybe it's the random, neon accessories that's throwing everything off. Guess the stylists over at Forever 21 had to throw those pieces on so no one would mistake this campaign for another brand known for their lookbooks...

 Mind you, I am feeling the beach shot featuring the colorful pattern print skirt matched with the Rihanna for River Island esque denim halter crop top. Let that shit trickle down bitch! Matter of fact, I would love to see Miss. Riri accomodate to the Forever 21 crowd with affordable fashions that scream #phuckyofashion. We ain't get that lucky this time around though...

All in all, Cassie would be a better fit for ASOS. Now THAT would be a lookbook I'd love to see.

What do you guys think of the campaign?

-♥ Miz Kane--
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