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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Rapping Little Black Girl Line: Nicki Minaj for Kmart

The HBIC (Head Barb In Charge) just released some new sneak peak pics of her upcoming clothing line for Kmart. I know, why not Target? Oh well. Get in where you fit in. 

Now we know all the Minaj stans out there are dying to get their hands on a piece of the new line. That's obvi. But what about everyone else?

Get a sneak peak look at Nicki Minaj's new clothing line after the jump.

After viewing all the deliberately leaked pieces, I can definitely say, I'm pretty impressed. At first, I thought it was going to be a tack fest after seeing the bags. Not to mention the fact that the line is being carried by Kmart... OK, OK, I'll drop the Kmart shade but I just don't feel like this is a partnership made in heaven. I think of frumpy mcfrumpsters when I think of Kmart, not LOUD ass Onika. I thought that chain died out? Wishful thinking I suppose. 

The line itself is very realistic. AKA, it's not a collection filled with fantasy fad items that will get left for dead, like childhood toys, in the discount bins. I can actually see people of different walks  and fashion styles wearing this line. Very fluid and adaptable. From the frequently shot street stylistas who experiment with LOUD pieces in hopes of catching Bill Cunningham's eye to the everyday chick who just needs a fly jacket for the winter to the party girl looking for a cute dress to don that'll catch the eyes of all the men in the club.

Tons of celebrities can be classified as predecessors of Minaj  in the sense of putting out their own clothing line. Successful or not, such predecessors have failed to bring to my attention what the Barb's line has succeeded in doing; familiar pieces. ::Cue the Butch Diva inspired capo hats:: You can't tell me no different... And then it hit me; obviously, when a celebrity puts out a clothing line, people are looking to get a piece of that individuals' wardrobe on their budget. They want that Minaj taste. Pause. What that really means is the celeb is taking from  the successful and popular wardrobe pulls of their stylists and the designers they've worn. With that being said, my question now is, how do those designers feel about the fact that their pieces are basically being broken down and sent out to the masses and yet, they're not getting a cut of that check? How long can flattery keep your belly full?

All and all, I do have some very particular faves from this line. I'm loving the LOUD print leggings, the Hervé Léger inspired bandage dress, the leather bustier halter top, and the printed peplum skirt. 

Let me know which pieces are your faves in the comments below, lovers!

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